October 9, 2017


Welcome to the Represented Employees of CAE page.  Below you will find buttons that, when selected, will direct you to your labor contract between the company and the IAM, as well as your seniority list.


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COVID-19 Pandemic: Travel Guidance / Required Quarantine

Effective March 18, 2020: All CAE USA employees at Little Rock Air Force Base, including both Represented and Non-represented, are subject to the following policy.

CAE has implemented necessary guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their personnel during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, local governments and facility authorities have enforced more stringent guidelines and restrictions. As a result, CAE must now narrow recommendations for BOTH professional and personal travel to comply with these regulations.

Until further notice, ALL CAE USA employees at Little Rock Air Force Base are limited to the STATE OF ARKANSAS for BOTH personal and business travel. Any travel outside of the state necessitates a 14-day period of self-isolation before an individual can report for work on-site. Personnel are required to notify  your supervisor when travel exceeds this limitation.

Please be advised, that effective immediately, employee compliance with this above travel restriction will affect how your time is paid for self-isolation periods.

• All personal travel taken prior to this notice (March 18), requiring 14-day self-isolation, is covered by contract and will be paid as time worked.

• If employee travel following this notice (March 18) results in a required self-isolation, an employee will need to take accrued paid leave (sick or vacation).  This does not apply to travel required and approved for work.

If you have questions about your site restrictions or this policy, please contact your Program Manager (Kim Muldrow) for assistance.