September 22, 2017


Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as the governing body of the Local Lodge between meetings. It is authorized and empowered to take such action and render such decisions as may be necessary to carry out fully the decisions and instructions of the Local Lodge, and, as may be necessary and appropriate to safeguard and promote the best interest of the Local Lodge. The Executive Board is empowered to authorize payment of recurring expenses for the normal operation of the Local Lodge. All Executive Board offices are elected by the general membership of the Local Lodge. The current term of all elected Executive Board members will expire on December 31, 2022.


Chris Carr • Loadmaster Instructor, CAE

Vice President
Lester Cossey • Navigator Instructor, CAE

Sharon Smith • CBT Specialist, CAE

Terry Williamson • Loadmaster Instructor, CAE

Julie Snyder • Aircraft Equipment Operator, CAE
Patty Erickson • CBT Specialist, CAE
Boni Jo Boser • Training Coordinator, CymSTAR

Chief Stewards
CAE (Instructor Contract)
Gary Snyder • Loadmaster Instructor

CAE (Maintenance Contract)
Mike Hufstedler • Loader

Lockheed Martin
John Bennett • CBT Specialist

Delaware Resource Group (ATS Contract)
Patti Thissen • Librarian

NOVA Technologies (Simulator Technician Contract)
Terry Olcheltree • Simulator Technician II

NOVA Technologies (Student Administration Contract)
Shannon Hanks • JMATS Training Coordinator

Holly Smith • Mechanic III

John Palmer • Mechanic

Other Elected Officers

In addition to the Executive Board the following offices are elected by the general membership of the Local Lodge. (If a contract only has one steward, the Chief Steward, that steward is listed above with the Executive Board and not below.)  The current term of all elected offices will expire on December 31, 2022.


CAE (Instructor Contract) Stewards
(Chief Steward) Gary Snyder • Loadmaster Instructor
Lester Cossey • Navigator Intructor
Scott Cromer • Pilot Instructor
Neil Truscello • Navigator Instructor
Greg Reinhardt • Pilot Instructor

CAE (Maintenance Contract) Stewards
(Chief Steward) Mike Huffstedler • Loader
David Meloan • Simulator Technician II

NOVA Technologies (JMATS Simulator Technician Contract) Stewards
(Chief Steward) Terry Ocheltree • Simulator Technician II
Tim Turnage • Simulator Technician II
Charles Lakin • Simulator Technician II
Sarah Shipp • Simulator Technician II

VSE Stewards
(Chief Steward) Holly Smith • QCI Mechanic III
Thomas Taylor • QCI Mechanic III
Seneca Williams • QCI Mechanic III

Aaron Showalter • Loadmaster Instructor, CAE

Neil Truscello • Navigator Instructor, CAE
Kathaleen Tyson • Librarian, DRG
Terry Olcheltree • Simulator Technician, DRG


Appointed Officers

The following offices are filled by appointment of the current acting Local Lodge President. These officers dedicate many hours of service to the Union.



Web Developer / Communicator
(Primary Web Site & Social Media Sites) Layne Johnston • CBT Specialist, Lockheed Martin •