Local Lodge Scholarship Deadline Approaching

The Robert V. Jurasek / Bobby G. Jones Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of two of our members who epitomize the hard work and dedication that our brothers and sisters display daily in the work of the ATS. We honor these outstanding individuals by donating a $1500scholarship to a deserving graduate each year.

This one-time $1,500 scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving high school senior who is the legal child or step-child of any member in good standing of our Local Lodge.  If you have a graduating senior in your family, don’t let them miss the opportunity to apply this scholarship.  The check is made out directly to the winner, not the university, and thus can be used for anything.

The deadline for application packets to be received is MAY 31.  

All information you need to know about the scholarship, including what’s required for application, can be found online at the Local Lodge’s website under the Resources tab.  Click this link to be taken there directly:

Applicants can complete and submit their application online.  However, please note that it’s not just the application that must be received by the deadline. A completed application packet also includes transcripts from the applicant’s high school, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement essay.  All of these components must be received by the deadline, and instructions are provided on the website as to how these items can be emailed (or mailed).