July 10, 2020

Retiring Members


Even though we hate to see them go, it’s always nice to see one of our Brothers or Sisters make it to this milestone in their career.  In order to celebrate a retiring member, a provision was placed in our Local Lodge bylaws.  It states in ARTICLE XII, Section 12:
Retiring members who have been a member of this Local Lodge for a minimum of five years will be presented a “Retirement Gift” not to exceed $100.00.

The Lodge used to provide a selection of gift items the retiring Member could choose from, but that became a daunting task when items were constantly being discontinued, or were out of stock, etc.  We’ve found the best solution simply to offer $100 Visa Gift Cards as the retirement gift, allowing retiring Members the ability to freely spend it on whatever they wish.

If you are a Local Lodge Member that is retiring, you have already submitted your retirement paperwork to the company and your official last day is no more than 60 days from now — then you can request your RETIREMENT GIFT from Local Lodge 463 now!


Did you KNOW?

Even though you are retiring, you can still maintain  your IAM Membership?  And guess what – you DON’T pay monthly dues.  That’s right – for a one-time $15.00 fee you can retain your IAM Membership – and your ability to attend IAM meetings, events, training and conferences.


Retirement Cards

A member who is retired from his/her place of employment and is no longer seeking gainful employment of any kind may be entitled to a IAMAW Retirement Card. A member who applies for a Retirement Card must at the time of application pay dues through the month in which they retire.

In accordance with changes made at the 2016 Grand Lodge Convention, effective January 1, 2017 the fee for retirement cards is $15.00. The fee for retirement cards issued prior to January 1, 2017 is $10.00.  However, you may have adequate funds in your dues account when you retire to cover this fee.  You will be notified by the Local Lodge Treasurer if any portion of the $15.00 retirement card fee needs to be collected from you.

If a member holding a Retirement Card returns to work, they must surrender their Retirement Card for cancellation and reapply and pay the appropriate fee when they retire again.

Application for Retirement Card must be filed timely (within 60 days of last dues payment).

Exemption Cards

Members who have been in continuous good standing for 30 years and have become so afflicted or disabled as to prevent them from actively working at the trade, or who have been discriminated against for their activities as organizers, business representatives, or other official work, and are in consequence unable to obtain employment, or members who have been continuously in good standing for 30 years, shall upon leaving the trade and upon request therefore be granted cards exempting them from further payment of dues and assessments.

A member who applies for an Exemption Card must at the time of application pay dues through the month in which they retire.  There is no fee for Exemption Cards

Application for Exemption Card must be filed timely (within 60 days of last dues payment).

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