April 26, 2018

Member Education


Your education and the education of your family is one of your most important investments. The IAM has been educating members and forming partnerships with higher education universities for years. Click the image or heading above to learn more about opportunities provided by your union.




Although our Local Lodge 463 scholarship is only awarded to children of Local Lodge members, other IAM and Labor Scholarships are available where the IAM Member, in addition to his or her children, can be the recipient. If you are interested in furthering your education or career and would like information on these scholarships please click the image or heading above.



 FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act (PowerPoint Presentation)

Most people have misconceptions or even misinformation about FMLA leave. This presentation, prepared by the Martin Law Firm, attempts to shed some light on these common misconceptions and educate members on this extremely beneficial piece of legislation your employer MUST follow — (it’s the law!).