April 7, 2020

Steward Resources

This page provides our Local Lodge 463 Stewards, regardless of what company they work for and contract they represent, with tools and training to assist them with their duties as stewards.


Union Member Application Form


The below forms may be used to assist a Steward with filing a grievance. Once completed, the below forms should be printed or saved, and attached to the Union’s copy of the official grievance form.

Union Grievance Fact Sheet


Grievance Investigation Form


Grievance & Arbitration Fact-Gathering Guide



Below you will find some valuable information in helping you perform  your steward duties, including your legal rights and protections, and guidance for writing grievances. 

Writing a Grievance


The Three Parts of a Grievance


The Equality Principle: The Legal Rights of Shop Stewards


Below you will find the instructional material for Stewards presented at the IAM’s Winpisinger Education Center in the Leadership I and Leadership II classes.  This information is password protected, and only verified IAMAW Local Lodge 463 stewards may view.  To obtain a password, please contact the website administrator (your Local Lodge Communicator).

The Role of a Steward (Leadership I)


Advanced Steward Training (Leadership II)