April 16, 2020

Lodge Scholarship

The Scholarship

The Robert V. Jurasek / Bobby G. Jones Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of two of our members who epitomize the hard work and dedication that our brothers and sisters display daily in the work of the ATS. We honor these outstanding individuals by donating a scholarship to a deserving graduate each year. It is our hope that their legacy will live on as we help others achieve their education goals.

The Amount

This one-time $1,500 scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving high school senior who is the legal child or step-child of any member in good standing of our Local Lodge.


A Scholarship Selection Committee, arranged by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, screens the applications and makes a recommendation to the Lodge’s Executive Board. The winner will be notified in writing or by phone by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson and informed when the scholarship presentation will be made. The scholarship is typically awarded to the recipient at the June general membership meeting.

The Application: Option 1
You can view the application as a PDF and populate entry areas right from a computer or print out the application. If an applicant chooses this method, he/she can save the PDF then include it as an email attachment.  Applicants should email completed applications to IAMAW463@gmail.com with an email subject line of “Scholarship Application for {applicant’s name}”.  Applicants should not include SSNs on any applications being emailed.

The Application: Option 2
The scholarship application may also be completed online and and immediately submitted to the Scholarship Committee Chair.  The application must be completed in one sitting and entries may not be saved and returned to later.  After submission, applicants will be taken to a screen where they can choose to download their own copy of the completed application if they desire.

Additional Required Items:

Additionally, the completed application packet also requires the following items:

  1. School transcript(s) that includes the last semester completed (senior year), cumulative GPA and class standing.

The school transcript should can be mailed to the Local Lodge or (preferably) delivered electronically directly from the high school from which the applicant graduated.

  • Emailed transcripts must be emailed directly from the applicant’s high school.No transcripts received from a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other personal email domain will be accepted.
  • Transcripts need to be emailed to: IAMAW463@gmail.com
  • Email Subject Line should read:   “Transcript for Scholarship Applicant {applicant’s name}”
  1. Two referral letters (one of which must be a teacher from your high school).

These referral letters may be mailed to the Local Lodge or (preferably) emailed as the body of the email or as an attachment.  Please have teachers email from their official school email accounts.

  • Referral letters need to be emailed to: IAMAW463@gmail.com
  • Email Subject Line should read:   “Referral for Scholarship Applicant {applicant’s name}”
  1. A ‘Personal Statement’ Letter (typed) stating what this scholarship will mean to you.  (Be creative, be honest, and help the Scholarship Selection Committee understand why they should choose YOU as the recipient.)

This letter may be printed and mailed to the Local Lodge or (preferably) delivered electronically in the form of an email or email attachment.

  • Letters need to be emailed to: IAMAW463@gmail.com
  • Email Subject Line should read:   “Personal Statement for Scholarship Applicant {applicant’s name}”


Once the first item from an applicant is received, the Scholarship Committee Chair will start an application packet for the applicant.

All of these items are due by May 31 for a completed application packet. Applicants are encouraged to follow up with the teachers and individuals they are relying on to send in certain materials, and they may check or confirm with the Scholarship Committee Chairperson at any time to verify which materials have or have not been received.  (Committee Chair: Layne Johnston, IAMAW463communicator@gmail.com)