Proposed Bylaws Changes: Official Posting for Review

Below, you will find a button-link to Bylaws changes that have been proposed by the Lodge’s Bylaws Committee.

Current bylaws state:

ARTICLE XVII, Section 4: “These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Local Lodge by approval of two thirds of the membership present at the meeting. Proposed amendments or changes shall be submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary prior to the regular meeting. All proposed amendments shall be read in full during said meeting, and copies shall then be posted on the Local Lodge website prior to final consideration at least 30 days in advance of voting, unless the 30 day period is waived by the Local Lodge membership to facilitate earlier voting. After reading and posting, voting on proposed amendments or changes will take place at the next regularly scheduled Local Lodge meeting. Approved amendments to these bylaws become effective only after approval by the International President of the Grand Lodge.”


The proposed changes will be discussed at the January Local Lodge meeting.  A vote on the proposed changes will take place at the February Local Lodge meeting.

PLEASE, feel free to post comments you have about the changes in the COMMENTS SECTION below. These comments will be reviewed and considered during discussion at January Local Lodge meeting.

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